“Cascais – a true gem on Lisbon’s sunny coastline”.


Thirty kilometers west of Portugal’s capital, Cascais is a place that doesn’t stay hidden under the shadow of Lisbon but stands on its own with a vibrant posh culture. While Lisbon is sometimes compared to San Francisco, Cascais will perhaps give you more of a Biarritz vibe: sunny and with a certain laid back elegance to it.

Drive or take the train from Lisbon along the coastline and you will pass by historical forts, lighthouses and sprawling sandy beaches, the sound of seagulls flying under clear blue skies ringing in your ears.

You will eventually reach downtown Cascais to find all comforts of modern urban life with small town charm, inviting you to take a walk through the cobblestone streets, gawk at the quaint architecture and explore the little boutiques.

The village market (“Mercado da Vila”) is not to be missed, with its fresh produce stalls where you can observe a slice of daily life, and modern eateries offering you a taste of local gastronomy. Seafood is always a good choice as Cascais was formerly a fishing village, which became a popular resort destination for the country’s Royal Family during the beginning of the 20th century.

There is also a thriving international food scene because, in Cascais, you not only encounter the famous Portuguese hospitality but also a sizeable expat community. And with English being so widely spoken, communication will never be an issue. Spanish, French and German aren’t uncommon languages either.



Summers in town are particularly fun. At least one of the seventeen beaches is granted to suit your style. Traveling with family? Spend the day at Duquesa Beach. Enjoy a good tan, swimming in calm waters and staying for a cocktail after sunrise? Head over to Tamariz. If you’re a fan of water sports, Praia do Guincho, with its beautiful sand dunes and strong winds is a popular kitesurf spot. For surf, try Carcavelos or Praia Grande.

Cascais is however much more than a beach destination. Walk, cycle or skate your way through a nine-kilometer stretch connecting downtown Cascais to Guincho beach and take in sweeping views of rough seas and amazing cliffs, the most famous of all being Boca do Inferno, which translates as “Hell’s Mouth”.

Sintra, a UNESCO heritage site with lush green mountains, enchanted forests, romantic palaces and old castles is just a stone’s throw away.

There are more than ten golf courses nearby, a big shopping centre for all your shopping needs, a large marina where many sailing events are hosted and a popular race track in Estoril, a municipality which is also home to one of Europe’s largest and most famous casinos: Estoril Casino.

Right next to the casino stands the Congress Centre where we chose to host MUST – Fermenting Ideas, right at the heart of it all, surrounded by numerous accommodation options from small boutique hotels to luxury 5-star resorts.

As we strive to create the perfect setting for our wine summit, we hope the sea will inspire us to forge ahead with a new path of innovation for the industry, as it once inspired our ancestors to discover unknown worlds.

And we hope you will join us in having a little fun too! We planned special sunset sessions at Forte da Cruz, an 18th century palace right on the beach where we’ll be able to share a glass (or a few!) among colleagues with sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. See you in Cascais for the second edition of MUST – Fermenting Ideas, happening June 20th to 22nd.